Glitch in UI

Hello. Could someone help me please? I created an app that my team has been using for many months now. However, recently a glitch showed up in the UI. It is a blue ling across the screen when I open the app in the Glide editor. It is a large transparent blue box when I open the app as a webapp. I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like. Can anyone help me figure out what has gone wrong?

That’s … weird. Do you have any CSS setup for this specific app? Does this happen to this tab only? Have you tried removing all components?

Do you see this blue line in the Data Editor only, or in a live app as well?

Thank you for your response.

No, I do not have any custom CSS set up. It happens on all tabs. I have not removed all components. The line/bar occurs at the top of the screen, so I thought it might be the image component I had there. I removed that and the issue remains.

I appreciate your response.

It is a line in the Data Editor and a large bar/box in the live app.

I signed into your app, but I don’t see a blue bar. Likewise, I don’t see any content, so I don’t know if the bar/box is related to the content. I was hoping to inspect the element in my browser to see what it might be.

Which browser are you using?
If you right click, on the bar, can you inspect it to see what it might be in the html source?

Thanks Jeff.

Yes, I have the visibility set so that only specific people can see anything. It contains customer information, so have to have security.

I am using Chrome. I spoke to one of my users and he does not see the bar. I tried inspecting, but I’m not very experienced in code, so it is possible I would not even recognize an issue there.

If you try to access the app from the same device but with a different browser, do you see the line?

Are you sure it isn’t an issue with your device display?
Do you see that bar in other applications, or other websites?
What happens if you sign into your App from another device?

So I’m thinking it is something with Chrome. After reading your questions I opened it in Safari and no issue. I deleted chrome browser and reinstalled, but the issue persists.

I did see this issue in a photo on one other site. However I don’t have the issue if I open the app in Safari. I deleted and reinstalled chrome, but the issue is still there. Must be something with chrome?

Yeah when you put it like that, it must be something with Chrome. Does it happen if you open the app in an incognito window?

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