glideapps sends automatic tasks based on user age

I am newbie.
I need your help.
You need to do the following logic:

  1. the user registers and indicates the date of birth
  2. glideapps sends automatic tasks based on user age
    How to do it? thanks for the help
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when you mean send you mean by email or it will show in a tab

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A- tasks sheet
B - enter date of birth sheet
C- send tasks Automatically sheet.

I. Do you want them as Glider hinted to be able to view everything in-opp or you want them to receive email with the tasks.
2. Will your app be public (your audience don’t need to sign in) or public with email (everyone needs to sign in to be able to access your app data)?

The answer we give will be informed by your answer to 1/2 above.


via email and in the app, each user has their own tasks. Thanks you.

Users are registered using email. Tasks are automatically created depending on the date of birth, each user has his own tasks. Notifications should be in the app and email. Thanks you!

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I am worried that I do not understand. I drew a diagram.

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for every task add an age requirement
have an inline list from your tasks sheet and filter it by if user age is age requirement

Okay tx.

  1. When user registers with email ask them to enter date of birth AND age or just age. I explain why age below in 2.

  2. When AGE is selected you need a cue to let the system identify if x AGE then y task. You need to predefine all your tasks by age, not date of birth to make this easier. Does it matter if some1 is born say in any of the 12 month period of same year to your objectives? If month is important then i guess you will have to predefine everything by DOB.

  3. I hope you appreciate that for glide or any script or pragramme to recognise age-task correlation, you need to predefine your tasks by age/date or birth first. I suggest you set tasks by age group by year or month and year (If month is important to you).

  4. Set the tasks sheet as the form on which they are entering information mentioned in 1 above. Finally they will tick off a Boolean to confirm age / date of birth is true ( this will lead to fresh “confirmed tasks” sheet which you will populate using columns from tasks sheet.

  5. The confirmed tasks sheet is the sheet that they will see in app. You can also set this sheet to send email to your clients.

Don’t forget to create relations between all sheets used. Use email addresses to create the relations (both single and multiple).

If you want I can build it for you. But I need few weeks as I’m working on something and I’m already outside my deadline.



Thank you very much. I will try.

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