Glideapps freeze and won't send email if the recipient is my email adress


I have a weird issue here: I have added an action on submit : he will send an email. the recipient is one column with email (donator email) and the body another column.

It is working well but not if I am the donator (if it with my email) : I have a toast message “fail” and while glide froze and switch offline

This is how the configuration. the CC recipient is from a column . fun fact. my email is in To recipient so when I am a donator I am in the CC and in the To

I don’t think the “offline” message has something to do with your action here.

So you’re saying that the button only doesn’t work if you have your own email in those to/CC email fields?

Yes, it freezes show me a toast “! Error” then the app switch off-line.
I have just tested again: When I allocate for example to another one it is fine, when I send to me error and app switch offline.

Hello Guys,

any feedback?

Kind regards

Please submit a ticket here.