Glide zig zag pattern lock is here!

Gliders, still working on my multiple layer glide secureSafe app…but wanted to introduce the zig zag pattern lock to Glide, and show it in action!

Thank you, & Merry Christmas all!


You guys are Genius! Amazing

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Thanks to compound actions!

True, compound action has lot of potential, but over and above it, you guys have creative mind to achieve everything.


In a next life I hope to be able to do stuff like this :wink:


We are all in it together :slightly_smiling_face:

You can do it anytime ! I’ve seen your impressive work !

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@Wiz.Wazeer excellent, as always. :blush:

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Thank you :blush:

Legendary! Love the way you think and find such use cases :ok_hand:

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Great idea @Wiz.Wazeer

What I think you need (and we all) to make it perfect is to clear all choices (black circles) when an attempt is wrong and finished.

But while we don’t have a way to clear all USC at the same time, we have to use solutions like yours.

Saludos Wiz!


Yes my friend thank you ! And yes I successfully managed to clear all the choice selections as well. That’ was a quick demo as I couldn’t contain the excitement. I’ll show you the final version in next few days. Does exactly what you want to see I am quite sure.

Thank you :blush:

Oh the USC I get it now. Wait shortly my brother !