Compound action password demo

Hey Gliders,

Create unique password & memorable pin. Logout & Login with password. After 3 failed attempts get locked out of account. Finally, reset account with memorable pin.


Great use of the actions!!!

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Got stuck on the onboard screen. No submit button?

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Allow a few moments please…for some funny reason,it takes a little while longer…but you know what…I will also make a copy of this available for everyone to copy.

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Please upload picture

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Please test it for me…then I will give you guys a copy…Lets make sure no errors.

That did the trick.

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I am not sure if the compound actions will cope over…but have set it to copy…if anyone is interested.


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I see a compound action attached to the button on the Sign Up screen - is that the only one?

Nope…they are on all 4 tabs. On the sign up page,…then my Profile (Logout on top of your photo)- Login - and Reset.

This is the process

Sign up (ca)
Logout (ca)
Login (ca)
Reset (ca)

If you don’t see them…I can have a word with support team.

oh, okay… I’ll check and let you know :+1:

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Thanks man!

Actions seem to be there.

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yep, looks like they are all there

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Thank God!

Have fun, guys!

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um, would you ever actually use this for a real app, or was this just an exercise?

I mean, you’re storing user passwords in plain text :scream:

I understand that row owners are enabled, but still…

Edit: I guess the fact that the passwords are in user-specific columns makes it a bit better, but I still don’t think I’d use this. As an app developer, I don’t want to ever see any of my users credentials.

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Valid point. It was more of a demo to be honest. But, I think you will find a lot of gliders like this kind of stuff. I would use it myself with refinements. Being a demo didn’t want to overcomplicate it. But your right about user data. Unfortunately, nothing we can really do, except to set rows to anonymous emails. :roll_eyes:


your link is not found?