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Hi community,

I am making an appointment app for a clinic. I have made a custom form and through the event picker component, I am able to schedule the appointment.

If I want to change the timings of my appointment through app, how do I update that on google calendar using Zapier?

I have managed to make calendar for a new appointment. I am stuck on updating the calendar when I change the appointment time.

On Zapier, I connected google sheets to google calendar. The trigger was when a new row is added and the Action was to create a detailed calendar. On the start time and end time I added the values I got from event picker. The zap was successful and the event was created.

Use google script… is simple and free:

var event = CalendarApp.getCalendarById("YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS").createEvent('info',new Date(date),new Date(date),{location: 'GLIDE'});

Hi Sir. Thanks for your quick reply.

Will this script trigger when I change the timings of my appointment in the app?

yes, set trigger onChange

If you still want Zapier/Integromat, then I would advise the steps below.

Assuming you edit those through the edit screens, send the info below to Zapier:

  • Meeting ID (you must have it in order to search for the right event)
  • Start time
  • End time

In Zapier/Integromat, create a new scenario with a webhook that will take those pieces of info, then search for the meeting using the meeting ID, finally update the meeting with the new starting and ending time.

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