Getting Next Calendar Event from Google Calendar


This is my first question on the Glide forum. I have a simple requirement on one of my Glide Pages where i want to pull in the next Calendar event from my Google Calendar (Event, Date/Time, Duration) as long as it is within the current day and in the future.

I have tried Zapier which almost seems to work and I probably just need to spend some more time on refining.

The App is using a Google Sheet to pull in the Event into the page, so I just need to get the next valid event into row 2, column A for example. (Row 1 contains headers).

Am I on the right track with Zapier here, or are there simpler (and cheaper) ways of achieving this?

I look forward to taking part in the Forum. Glide is great!


Use Google Scripts… almost unlimited, faster, and free

Hi Uzo,

Ok that’s great advice. So basically I need to create an AppScript function in Google Sheets to pull in the date from my calendar right? Then the Glide App can just pick up the data from the sheet.

Is there a way to get the AppScript function to run automatically every 15 mins? I guess I will start researching it now.

Thanks for your input.


Yes, you can set script trigger to 15 min or any time, or if someone open your app…

Hi Uzo,

That’s great. I managed to set this up within the AppScript dashboard to run every 15 mins and now it is working great. Very useful! Thanks for your advice.


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