Glide won't return errors if rowid doesn't exists

I am not sure if this is a feature request or a bug but I feel its a bug more so I will leave it uncategroized for the community to decide because glide return success 200 if you pushed a wrong row id while using set column API & it will accept it and won’t give you an error although it went in the space

I can confirm this is reproduceable.

Can you look into this @Jason @Mark ?



Yes, as the documentation states:

This call enqueues one or more mutation operations for tables in an app in Glide’s queue. When the call returns the actions will have been enqueued, but processing them can happen any time later. Actions that are enqueued are also not guaranteed to succeed.

So how can we assure that the data is achieved as we are building most of the apps on glide tables now

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What are you actually trying to do?

We need to ensure that the row is existing and its not deleted by a user behavior if we tried to push an update and lookup with the rowid in glide.

So suppose we have a row with data we need to set column a certain update to that particular row and if we didn’t find it or had an error then we need to do another action for it, so erroring will give us a heads up of the next action.

Also if the data was corrupted or changed it will give us of a confirmation for it.