Glide API: add-row-to-table ISSUE: Duplicated Data Set

Dear Community

Not sure if anyone face this issue since last week.

When we use Glide API Add-Row-To-Table, the API return successful indicating 12 row added.

However when we check glide table - google sheet, there appear more than 12 rows! Most of the time twice the number of rows added.

Each of our records has their own GUID ID, and Glide has allocated different Row ID. At times, we saw the same data has 2 rows with similar Row ID, before we could screenshot, Glide Table has allocated different Row ID for each data.

We have been using the same GLide API and set of codes for the past 3 months without any issue. Only late last week we face this issue.

When you send a batch of add-row-to-table mutations, the Glide API will respond with a RowID value for each mutation. Are you capturing these? If not, that would be my first suggestion. Capture those, and compare to what you see in Glide.

Yes these 12 row IDs are correct.

However there are extra created rows created. We have also checked, there’s no google script for this adding of rows function.

I’d recommend raising a Support Ticket directly with Glide.


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