Glide tables integrations

Haven’t been here for a while…
I was looking for any update on the Glide tables Integrations? I may have to rewrite my app that is based on GS because I am having lots of issues, specifically delays and errors when inserting new rows or updating rows.
Also, I need a solution for bulk inserts and updates of data outside of glide.
I remember there was an Integromat tool for Glide that was tested back in 2021
Any news on that?

  • migrating Google Sheet based tables to native Glide tables:
    – there is no easy way to do that. There are ways to bulk import the data, but computed columns need to be manually recreated.
  • moving data in and out of Glide tables:
    – we have the Glide API, but you need a Pro plan or above

Ok I have a pro plan.
I didn’t see any documentation about this API, where can I find it?

May be this Glide Tables API (


Vote here for the ability to convert Google Sheets in Glide Tables:

Vote here!


May you give us more details about your issues to learn with your case?
Do you think the cause is associated to many rows or many users sending data at same time?


I remember it happened more often about 6 months ago.
From my understanding It had to do with the delay in updates to google sheet and back.
I think at that time it was a known issue with the way glide and GS are synced.
I didn’t test it now but the last time I had this problem was 3-4 months ago.

For now I decided to develop this app Native and use the Glide app as a MVP.
Future apps I will start with pages that most likely have this issue fixed.
:wave: Hi @SantiagoPerez remember some my tickets regarding this?