Glide Tables: allowing template owner to edit content on the fly

What is the best approach to enable the Template owner, i.e. the person who purchased or downloaded a Template from the store, to be able to edit content within the app rather than just editing the content in the data editor?

I realise the ‘Roles’ feature comes into play for Pro apps, but I only need one person to be able to edit content within the app, i.e. in-app.

Does anyone know of existing apps, paid or free, in the Template store that allow this?

Must be Glide Tables apps though.

All you really need to do is set up an edit condition to determine who is allowed to edit the row, or set up a screen or tab, with editable components or edit functionality, that only one person can access to make changes.


Thank you Jeff, I will look into both ideas and see if I can get it to work.

I’m hoping the achieve the result whereby the Template owner, when logged in, sees the pencil icon on every screen in the app. And in some screens I will show a floating button where they can add new content.

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What Jeff said will work but will be tricky based on how much you want the editor to edit the screen. You would need to have columns to store all text and images on the screen to allow editing in an edit screen.


Thanks guys, I managed to get this to work but not sure how intuitive it will be at the other end, i.e. the end user of the Template.

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