New Product Updates!

  • Stuck? Or want to turbo-charge a Glide project? You can now Hire an Expert from inside the Dashboard. Click Hire an Expert via the banner or help menu. Experts are certified and professional Glide developers who can help you skyrocket any Glide App or Page.


  • If you’re using the new Glide Excel or Airtable integrations, you can now enable row owners to keep your database safe and secure. To enable it, just select Make Row Owner from within the column menu dropdown inside the Data Editor.

  • Android users will now see and new and improved warning when users delete an item inside Glide Apps. No more accidental trigger fingers. Phew!

P.S. - Some New Features in Pages! :tada:

Text Component :

Headline Component :

( Seems like Headline and Text components are same )

And more containers types :

And now we can point a table in the Show New Screen Action as Glide Apps :


I’ve been loving this, a lot!


Do you mean the classic and form containers?

Or the additional layout options with the ability to have multiple columns? (full, 1:1, 2:1, 1:2, 1:1:1, 1:1:1:1) The columns are great! I client requested 1:2:1, maybe it would make sense, not sure. :slight_smile:

In your screenshot showing the container options, I don’t see the top and middle-align option. I wonder why. That feature has come in handy.

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