Glide sheet data not showing up in app pages

I have a Glide sheet in my app where I record the answers to a multiple choice quiz created using the CHOICES component. The answers are showing up in the glide sheet but I am not able to access the responses to include them on the pages of my app… for example, I cannot show the results of the quiz which are a percentage created from math calculations in various columns.

Does anyone have any idea about why this might be happening? Text components from this sheet show up, however, not the other math columns. Any ideas about how I could trouble shoot this? These same types of columns work for me from other Glide pages, just not this one. When I select the column, nothing shows up in the app pages.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Can you provide some screenshots or a video of the problem?

Are you showing those on the same details view of the row, or are you bringing it to another table using some sort of relation/lookup?