Glide says Pro apps sync “periodically”, how frequent is that exactly?

I’m currently experiencing app sync delays of up to 5 mins for a Pro app!

Is this acceptable?

According to the Glide docs, Pro apps sync “periodically”, how frequent is that exactly @david @Mark? every 3, 4, 5…10 mins?

On the majority of two-sided apps this is a critical issue.

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Could you share the apps this is happening on?

user side app:
restaurant side app:

I would need an email to make you a manager of a restaurant so you can see the pending orders list (these are taking a long time to appear after an order is submmitted)

Our backend says they’re refreshing pretty quickly, and 5 minutes is still within normal bounds for changes in the spreadsheet making it into the app. The other way around (app to spreadsheet) should be much faster.


  1. How long is “pretty quickly” that you are seeing your end?
  2. How frequent is “periodically” according to the docs? (it would help to manage my expectations)

Also, is there a way to expedite the sync from my end?