🆕 Glide Pages (Beta)

Welp, I’m sorry to hear that, but have to reiterate that CSS has never been supported for any Glide products.


I understand that.
But I build apps in Hebrew and until RTL is supported I cant do anything without CSS.
I really hope that Glide doesn’t decide one bright day to change Rich Text for the regular apps too.
that would destroy my business…

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You’re taking a risk building a business on a feature that officially and unequivocally is not supported by Glide. As long as you measure the risk …


Indeed, but anyway with the smartphone you can access to the website, and maybe for some reason you may need the barcode.
I wouldn’t deprive the .page from what is already available on the. application side.
Actually in the .application side we should also add some of the .page feature, like the container.

I am not doing anything fancy, all I do is adjust everything to RTL.
I see Glide as a company that wants to grow Internationally and not stay local in the US.
We have YC for date formats, we have auto translation for browser language, but we don’t have RTL.
Taking down a feature that supports basic functionality before building a native solution and giving a heads up enough time to adjust is something I don’t expect them to do.

I think that as long as you’re addressing stable class names, then you’re generally pretty safe with custom CSS/HTML. I use quite a bit of both in my apps, and I’m yet to have any nasty surprises.

As far as the official Glide position on this goes, my reading of that is “if you do crazy stuff with CSS and it breaks your app, then don’t expect us to fix that for you”. And I believe that’s fair enough. Do it at your own risk.

As time progresses, my expectation is that Glide will continue to provide more and more configuration and customisation options, and the need for custom CSS will be reduced. I think this topic is good evidence of that. It’s also not that long ago that we were using custom CSS to create floating buttons. Now it’s a standard feature.

As far as RTL support goes, I have no idea if it’s on the road map, but I do know that many people have asked for it. So I’m sure that the Glide team are aware that there is a demand.


Having another play with Pages recently and it’s a bit underwhelming compared with Apps, mainly because I can’t see the purpose of it but also because, rightly or wrongly, I am measuring it against this:

It only supports Airtable for now.

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In what ways do you prefer Softr to Glide Pages?

Putting the Airtable reliance aside, there’s quite a lot to admire with Softr. The page design tools, the SEO aspects, the membership & payments feature is next level, ability to create customer portals etc.

My perspective on Pages is somewhat tainted by my hope that it will be the desktop version of an app, but I suspect that is not the plan going forward.

What do you suspect the plan is?


If it’s not going to be the desktop view of an app, then I suspect the plan is to offer something along the lines of Softr.

Softr has some great features for building a client portal. It looks great and it’s relatively easy to use. The support is good, the community is knowledgable, even the pricing kinda works. But, and it’s quite a big but, right now it really can’t compare to Glide in terms of data manipulation. Glide is so strong in this respect and therefore allows so much flexibility for the “builder”. This in turn provides the ability to address a really wide range of solution requirements. Nonetheless, Softr is one to watch if you need to build a portal of some form.


Absolutely agree with you on Glide’s strengths but that doesn’t stop me feeling underwhelmed by Pages. Hard to judge, I know, as the product isn’t complete it seems.

What I particularly like about Softr is the client portal and paid memberships as my Glide Pro app is a listings directory. For me this is the killer feature that Glide doesn’t have.

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Yeah, through building one a few weeks ago I absolutely agree with this. However, their design is really great and I hope they will improve more in the near future.


On the first point, I think we should remember that Glide Pages is very new, in fact still in Beta, and the guys at Glide add functionality pretty quickly. Nonetheless, I agree that it’s somewhat limited right now and certainly doesn’t “build out” as nicely as Softr … yet.

On the second point, I totally agree. For a “portal” type scenario they have a very sensible and workable pricing model, but it’s my understanding that Glide are reviewing Pages pricing so I guess we wait to see.


@david referral link rows aren’t supported in Pages anymore?


That’s right.

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I would say glide page is not bad from many aspect but for the moment is not ready, and a lot of functionalities that we have in app are missing.
of course you cant compare with other services like Wix, but they are in another sector
with glide you can prepare application that are usefull for the corporate likewise for little and middle company, I mean designed for their specific needs, something that you cant do with other software.
I had to come back with my application to Wix (using a normal web page I mean), because indeed to handle the e-shop Glide is not the best you can have, and .page for now I feel is too short.

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I didn’t compare Pages with other services like Wix.

Is there any reason?