Glide Pages: all sites are loading really slow. Check any Glide Page in PageSpeed Insights

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
Glide pages are really slow. At first I thought it’s only my problem, but then I decided to investigate and found out that it’s big problem with all pages made on Glide. Check any site made on Glide Pages here in PageSpeed Insights and you will see the results like this:

I just copied your Glide Page template Landing Page and published it for tests. Look at the results! It’s really bad for any site and especially for landing page.

On my and my friends computers it takes about 5-7 seconds when the content of the page appears. No loading bars, nothing just blank screen. It must be fixed.

Expected Behaviour:
The page speed should be in green zone according to PageSpeed Insights

How to replicate:
My copy of your official template Landing page:
Test it here:

Demonstration is on screenshot above.