Glide not syncing with Airtable two-way synced table

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My company’s in the process of migrating over from Glide classic, and it’s been going pretty smoothly so far. However, we’ve switched over the table we use for our user profile details. Whereas originally we synced this information in Glide with Airtable table #1 where we directly record employee details, we are now syncing with a new Airtable table #2 where we have set up two-way sync in Airtable with table #1.

We’ve noticed that when we edit the user profile row in Glide it is not writing to table #2 in Airtable, and any edits we make in Glide are overwritten the next time it automatically syncs with Airtable. We wondered if the issue here might be related to the two-way sync we have set up in the back-end in Airtable? We’re not having an issue with sync with other Airtable bases.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Just giving this a bump; did folks have any thoughts at all on this one? Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

I think it’s best for the team to look into this. Have you tried submitting a support ticket?

OK thanks for the nudge; it looks like we’re on a Free/non-profit plan at the moment, so will suss this out with our Ops Manager.

Hi @Robin_Parkin, did you manage to find an answer for this question / edit records inside Glide and write them back into the two-way Airtable table? I’m experiencing the same problem, though sometimes the records vanish altogether from Glide and the syned table, as if they were deleted. Thanks!

@Ric_1 @Robin_Parkin

This issue is still present. A workaround would be to create in Table #2 a duplicate of the 2-way synced columns you wish to edit (which can be then edited in Glide) and use automation inside Airtable to automate any changes in these new columns to change the same values in the 2-way synced columns. Clumsy, but works. Showing the setup with screenshots below:

This is the original base:

This is the synced base:

I duplicated the Status column, which is now native to Table #2, and then used Airtable automations in Table #2 so that whenever the status of “Status (duplicate)” changes, that value will be copy-pasted into “Status (original)” column

@NoCodeAndy perhaps this is an issue that can be addressed by the tech-team better.

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