🧠 Glide Games - How It's Made - Wordle, Boggle, and more (office hours)

​Come learn how expert Glide builders are re-creating games in Glide!

Over the next few Fridays, 🧠 Glide Games is taking over my office hours segment.

:star2:Here’s the star line up and schedule :star2:

Friday, Feb 25th
@Robert_Petitto will share how he created Boggle AND Mastermind in Glide.

Friday, March 4th
@Darren_Alderman will attempt to recreate Wordle in Glide. :open_mouth:

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Don’t miss this tomorrow!

@Robert_Petitto will be giving us a behind the scenes look at his :brain: Glide Games:

Register here → Darren Alderman


@Darren_Alderman & @Robert_Petitto
Thanks for the presentation, that was really useful, really appreciate it.


Will there be a recording of the video?

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hope so!

As Darren noted in this post, replays can be accessed here:


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Friday was Awesome! Thanks Darren ( @Darren_Alderman ) for doing this and Thanks Robert (@Robert_Petitto ) for that sharing of how that beautiful two apps created! My mind blown :exploding_head: That was Super Duper Cool! Love to see how Simon made Wordle and Darren’s Surprise too!

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No. Not interested anymore. I hear the same complaint from others.

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Get this on your calendar for Friday!

I will be recreating Wordle in Glide! :smiley:

Before the session, get familiar with Wordle and start to think about how you would make it in Glide:

Register here → 🧠 Glide Games Series (office hours) - Zoom


Thanks to all who joined today!

I’ll have the Wordle tutorial uploaded to my Youtube channel once the edit is completed.

P.S. Robert has the recording for his Mastermind and Boggle walkthroughs last week. I’ll make a note here if he decides to share them in the future!

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Just posted my approach to making Wordle in Glide!