Glide for testing

I’m using Glide for more than a year. I have implemented my own app for my company. Back in the time, I was developing the app, Glide had fewer features, and I need to do things in different ways.

But now, Glide added many features, and my application needs to be updated. It became obsolete.

The problem is, I cannot remove the live version. I cannot use another instance to develop due to free user limitations.

Are there any other ways to solve it without paying another license for nothing?
Have you had any experience regarding this matter?

Why not duplicate the live one, fix it, then change domains like if nothing happened…and of course, add the pro to the new one

duplicate it

I’ve rebuilt screens and functions using tabs that only I can see. For anything else, I just build the new functionality separately along side the old functionality and once it’s working, I switch it over and delete the old stuff. Usually the user doesn’t notice anything has changed or that I’m actively working on stuff.