Continuous Development (License Issue)

I have a live App that is running. Due to some requirements, I need to enhance it and do another major release.

I don’t want to touch the live App, the plan is the duplicate the App and change the URL to switch over.
However, when I duplicate the App I realized that the quota has exceeded the limit.

What options do I have besides purchase?

You can check this out.

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I wasn’t aware of this new feature. Thank you very much!

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I hope the database (in this case google sheet) will not be publish once it is changed.

As far as I aware only design changes are not published.

Then in this case, the App is somewhat still going to be affected as you go about testing (unpublish) while pointing to single source in Google Sheet (production or test)?

Yes that’s true. Publishing control in this case, as I said above, is only for design changes. I think it would be hard for Glide to implement the same thing for databases since they have to keep a separate one for “testing” and it would cost a lot.

We can duplicate the sheet and App but at the moment the only ways seems to be to make a purchase to open up the rows in the test. Porting the license will make good to the test but rendered the live unusable since it would default back to the free tier.

I’d just upgrade the new app, and then downgrade the old app once you’re ready to switch over.
Yes, you’ll be paying for 2 apps for however long it takes to do the overhaul, but thats all.