OMG! Is VERSION control out in production

I now have the option to toggle the switch to publish or not…

I just realised this for my new Pro App. I don’t know if it’s also applicable to basic Apps though.

Is this new or am I excited about nothing?


Thanks @Robert_Petitto . I had no idea. This is great news.

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I just look at my app…when I click the “Share” button I can see the “Auto-publishing”. It is by default ON…So I should turn it OFF and then make changes and once satisfied turn ON?

Yes, but make sure you remember to turn it on later :wink:


I’m a new user but have already created the first version of our app. We need to add additional functionality. Here’s the problem I have. I want to enhance the functionality of my App without it being visible to end users. I’ve looked at the toggle for publishing changes. If i turn it off my data stops getting updated. Our data changes daily and needs to be made available at all times. How can i do this while working on version 2 of the app?

Version control should only be affecting design changes to the app itself. Data should still be synced, but you do have to be careful not to make changes to the database that could affect the published version of the app. What exactly is not syncing and have you made any changes to the database layout?

I started adding a new table that is not referenced anywhere in the App yet. But to work with it I need to be the only person that sees the App page that will reference the new table.

Version control is the main issue here. I need a public version and a ‘sandbox’ version of the design. I am not the type to get it perfect first time out.

So what is not syncing?

Everything is syncing just fine. But i have no way that i can see of locking down the app while i enhance it. I don’t want users seeing the new stuff until it is ready. I’d be happy if i could clone the app in my account, call it something new and then replace the old app with the new version. But i can’t find a way to do that in my account. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only person that wants to upgrade the functionality of their app after it’s been released to end users.

I guess I’m confused on your problem. You said data wasn’t syncing, but it sounds like it is?

There is already a version control option, but like I said, be careful about changing columns that are already being used by the published app. That shouldn’t stop you from adding new columns or new tables to your app. All other data will still sync.

Also, if you choose, you do have the option to duplicate an app, make changes and swap out your domains. That can be done from the glide dashboard by selecting the submenu (three dots) on the app and selecting ‘Duplicate’. You will then have a choice to duplicate the app using the same sheet/tables or to create a duplicate sheet/tables.

Either way you choose, by turning on version control, or by duplicating the app is already available.

Also, if you didn’t want to use any of the above options…a third option is to create a new tab or screen and control visibility, or control component visibility or set filters so only you can see what you are working on.

There’s several options, but the problem you mention with data not syncing shouldn’t be the case.


Thank you so much. That is the information i’ve been looking for. I’m only like two weeks into Glide and the learning curve hasn’t achieved instant mastery. Cheers!

As encouragement to other newbies, this is what i have accomplished in those two weeks: