Glide edit column API not working (check my work)

hi guys,
For some reason I can’t get the change column api to work. I had it working the other day.
The add row is working just fine.

I just wanted to see if it worked so I hardcoded the row ID I wanted to change into it. Left the rest the same. At first I thought maybe I can’t change the user table. Then I tried another random table and it did not work either. I am basically copying and pasting and adding the rowID. Following @Robert_Petitto 's video on APIs.

had it working before… but now I’m scratching my head
can you guys see anything I am typing in wrong?

Not sure…your screenshots look accurate to me.

So it returns a 400?

And it does work when you don’t hard-code the rowID in?

Can you send over a screenshot of the run where it returns an error?