Glide Custom Domain not working after overriding - SSL certificated issue / expired

we have several whitelabel apps within glide. As there is no real development environment, our development process is:

  • develop changes on main app
  • duplicate main app
  • delete old duplicated version
  • override the custom domain from new duplicated version with the one form the old one

The custom domain configuration for the first duplicate worked perfectly fine. Now, when overriding another duplicate with the same domain (after deleting the old one), the ssl certificate does not seem to work anymore. It says “… is expired” (see screenshot).

An yes, I already waited for 24h.

Can anyone within the glide support team help me with this issue?
We have serious trouble, as our customers do not reach their apps anymore.

Many thanks in advance!

One thing you should double check at this step is the IP Address that Glide gives you when configuring the Custom Domain for the replacement App. It is not guaranteed to be the same as the original.

The Custom Domain doc has recently been updated to reflect some changes and extra troubleshooting steps since Glide moved from to Cloudflare. It’s probably worth your time reviewing it.

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