Problems while moving to a Custom Domain (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR)

Hello Gliders,

We passed to PRO Version and decided to move the domain to a sub-domain of our websites. Despite the records are correctly inserted as you can see in the image below, everytime I try to connect to the URL it displays this error: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

I contacted both Glide and my domain provider’s support, but still I couldn’t figure out the real problem and how to fix it.



If you have faced this issue, please let me know how you solved it.

Many thanks!

You say you contacted the glide team, what was their resolution/recommended action?

Also read and followed this?

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Ciao è successo anche a me, semplicemente un problema temporaneo che si è risolto dasolo in 24 ore

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Ciao Fabio, purtroppo sono ormai 48h che persiste, il nostro provider dice che la soluzione é quella di richiedere un certificato SSL a Glide, mentre il supporto di Glide dice che dovrebbero essere loro a concedergli l’accesso… sinceramente non so cosa fare e sto pensando di tenere il dominio di Glide anche se comunque é un servizio incluso ed è un peccato

Hello, yes we reached them and they say the domain provider should allow them to install their certificate. By the other hand, my domain provider insist that it should be Glide to provide an SSL.

My knowledge about these procedures is limited so I am a bit confused on how to proceed… BTW, yes I searched on that Guide but I didn’t found something useful for my problem.

Looks like the problem just fixed! @Fabio_Leanzi @Rosewebstudio.

I think you just brought good luck!

In case to somebody happens the same, I uninstalled the SSL certificates provided by default by the Domain provider, probably they were conflicting.

This seemed to work!

Excellent :+1:

For information glide does provide the SSL certificate

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