My custom domain app get wrong SSL certificate

I’ve set up a custom domain for my app by following a step by step here:

There is nothing wrong with DNS CNAME, TXT and CAA records.
But, when I goto the app URL I got wrong SSL certificate as follows:

  • Server certificate:
  • Subject: CN=*

I don’t know how it came.

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I have exactly the same issue.

I can see your app online

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Your app works perfectly for me. Usually it just takes a day, maximum. Your browser may have cached an old certificate or an error.

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Hi David,

After going pro I’m getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR with a subdomain.

I followed the Glide documentation. The custom domain wizard was used, and its final verification was successful.

All DNS records are correct, there are no conflicting records.

As per my registrar HTTPS is forced for the subdomain. I imagine that when we use a custom subdomain Glide provide the SSL certificate since the HTTPS is forced.

My question is how long does it take for the SSL certificate to initialize after the configuration is successful?


Just found the answer to my question: Subdomain and https

“We provide SSL for you, it just takes about 30 minutes.”

It has been been over 30 min so I’ll try various methods to trouble shoot.

UPDATE: It has been over 8 hours and the Glide SSL certificate has not initialized. On my end everything looks good. Anyone from Glide could provide some insight into the possible cause for the Glide SSL not initializing?

UPDATE: The Glide SSL certificate is now initialized. It took approximately 20 hours.

All is well that ends well :slight_smile:

Here I have the same issue, I’m getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR for I have configured the records as said on Glide documentation and my domain provider said that they are correctly setted. Any guesses on how to solve that?

Thank you all in advance!