Glide Classic Apps -> Team Plan Update - Delay?

I received an email from the GlideApps team on Sept. 1st that said my apps + workspace would be automatically upgraded from Classic to the team plan by September 15th, yet no such update has occurred.

Your apps will be automatically migrated by Friday, September 15th . Access to your apps will be unaffected by this migration.

Has anyone else received this email? Has anyone else been updated yet?

I replied to the email a few days ago, but haven’t received a response.

@BrettH can you help with this? Thank you.

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Hey Todd! Let me look into this for you.

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Thank you both!

Hey Todd,

Sorry I’m working on it. Let me just be extremely blunt, we’re working on it. I really appreciate having long term customers and I have pushed very hard to make sure when we migrated over customers such as yourself to the new plans that we stayed extremely generous. Unfortunately making that actually happen is what we programmers sometimes call “extremely fun”.

It will happen, I promise, just a little later than hoped.

Cheers and love,


I know this a forum, no idea why I wrote that like an email, I’ve turned into my father.


I appreciate the frank response, @Jason!

No rush, I just curious. I understand the pains of nuanced and complex work like this!

Keep up the great work.

It seems there has been another missed deadline to upgrade classic apps to a team plan.

This email went out on October 31st with the upgrade deadline of “end of November” and it’s now December 6th with no such upgrade occurring.

I assume it’s another disconnect between product and engineering teams?

Hello all.
Meanwhile the screens changed and the subscription logic on the billing page changed as well. But no change yet on the migration of the legacy app subscription to a teams plan for my app.
Is there any update on the timing?
Enoy the year-end meanwhile

I actually asked this question yesterday, and the answer I got was “it’s in progress”.
No indication of an updated time line, I’m afraid.


FYI My team just got upgraded.
Looks good at first sight.


Well, I’m glad to hear they’re addressing at least some Classic app hosts.

Our group is still waiting patiently [pic].