Glide changing dates for multiple rows

Hi, Gliders:

Hoping y’all can guide me to a solution to this problem.

Platform: Glide Pages
Need: A checklist of recurring tasks. When I complete one task, I want to use an edit screen form to update the due date field to the next occurrence.
Layout: Checklist, grouped by due date field, table includes a column for client name
Problem: When I update the date field on a task on the screen edit form, it changes the date on ALL of the tasks with the same Client field.

Is the edit screen form not the correct form?
Does it have something to do with relations and one-to-many settings?
I have tried making this a regular inline list rather than a checklist, but that made the screen due that weird shimmy, freak-out thing that Glide sometimes does.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Do you have any on-submit actions for that edit form?

Don’t remember everything I tried yesterday. However, I wake up this morning, go to the app, and suddenly it is working like I want. Perhaps it just had to think about it overnight and chill…

Nope, I was wrong. When 2 items for the same client have different dates, it starts that shimmy thing again. What is that about??

Probably only something that would happen in the editor, and largely depends on your screen resolution. Zooming in or out would probably fix it. It’s trying to reflow the components to fit the screen and every time it changes, it thinks it can fit better the other way, so it reflows again. Just a back and forth cycle.

I’m still curious about my original question. Does it change data on multiple rows in your database?

It has been working fine now. Can’t explain. Don’t know what I changed that fixed it.

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