Glide cannot make this change because it would introduce the following cycle of dependencies in your columns

I have a Locations table. One location can be a parent to another location for example Location Paris is parent to Location Eiffel Tower.

Every Location has a map pin computed column.
The Map Pin is

  • the location coordinates
    if that is empty then its
  • the location address
    if that is empty
  • i would like to use the map pin of the parent location.

when i try to build this if/else column… i get the following error
Glide cannot make this change because it would introduce the following cycle of dependencies in your columns

what would be the best way to do it?
I could display 2 maps and hide 1 by visibility conditions. But any other ways to get the value of the parent location to be the current location map pin?

That error happens when you try to use a column in a way that it affects the result of itself. Are you sure your IF column is looking at the correct column values? Can you show a screenshot of the IF column while it is showing that error?

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Here are the screen shots

I guess the infinite loop happens when the parent location rowid is the same rowid as the current location row.

So i tried a Query instead of a relation. the query find the parent location if that location is not the same as the current row. still the same error happened. but that is also understood because if A is parent of B and at the same time B is parent of A then again we are stuck in a loop.

I’m just trying to find out how can I get the parent location address when the child location address is not defined.

Seems like the only way to do it is to use a basic parent column… not a computed one

Can you show us how you’re creating the lookup and the original Parent Location/Map Pin column? Is the Parent Location/Map Pin column a basic one?

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Seems that your Map Pin IF column is sourcing a value for the else condition from the same Map Pin IF column. So essentially you’re trying to make the IF column source one of it’s values from itself, thus the loop. This is dangerous is programming because you can end up with programmatic neverending loops. Even google sheets has this same protection. Google will allow you to override it, but it still limits to something like 100 loops before it just stops.

I suggest you create 2 separate lookup columns to get your parent location coordinates and address. Then replace the else in you IF column with 2 conditions that look at the parent lookup coordinates and address. That should work. Just don’t make the IF column look look at itself…even if it is through a lookup.