Glide Cannot Do This (but I do not like hearing or seeing 'no')

Ah, I remember trying out on Glide… and then they did not allow it to be embedded

And I wanted a Google Map and cool stuff for a project… no embed :frowning:
I found a cool booking system for my corona test app… but their widgets used javascript iframes… so no luck again.

A tragedy.

Or… is it?

A little lateral thinking is needed (and I hinted at this in an earlier post) - and @Pablo_Miguel_Martine.

A web page. You can put whatever you want on it… such as a Google Map. Or an iFrame with Javascript.

And then you use a webview in your Glide app. And if needed, zap / integromat data back and forth to the app to help control the UX (such as visibility of buttons, etc).

The potential functionality of apps has gone up exponentially.

Now, I wonder if I can build in a countdown timer that will play music when the time is up… or … whatever I can think of!


And we can!!! How beautiful

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