A radical idea I am exploring - external web page to 'make your own webview even when it is not supposed to work'

It is quite annoying when a 3rd party service does not display in a webview. For instance, I have been working with a booking system to handle corona test bookings, but their iFrame implementation uses javascript, and their URL does not work when embedded as a webview. Sure, I could have a button that opens a link, and hopefully a take-me-home redirect back to my app (sort of), but it is hardly elegant.

I was chatting with someone about:

  • making a web page in one of my cloud things (sitting on AWS)
  • this web page can do ‘whatever I want’
  • this web page … is allowed to be in my webview (because… it is my page! I made the rules, dude!)
  • then I can get the extra functionality I need, and move data about behind the scenes as usual

This is (obviously) not for beginners as this is NOT nocode. BUT it allows people like me, who are using Glide in a somewhat non-traditional way for business apps, to get a lot more functionality for not a lot of effort.

Thoughts? Experiment results will be shared once I have them!


Hey @Mark_Turrell !

How do you expect to embed the page ? Using an iframe ?

A nocode solution could be WordPress

This thread is indirectly linked to your issue, with a recommandation of @Darren_Murphy

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Excellent - I vaguely remembered that but had not yet made the connection. Thanks!

I think I will defer to my actual expert :slight_smile: I am more the CEO who knows a bit of stuff :wink:

I do know I want it to ‘live in Glide’ so I have a wrapper around the user experience. Currently, that means a webview from the Glide side, but I need to learn a little more from the non-Glide side :slight_smile:

Oh ok, let us know. But keep in mind that if it’s Iframe blocked, there’s no way to use embed it.

But I expect that your website is embedable so hopefully it’ll work out for you !

it will be my own site - so if it is blocked, an engineer will be threatened with being hit by a (virtual) frying pan :wink:

That was actually my revelation :slight_smile: if it is ‘my site’ then I can do whatever I want… why would I block ‘myself’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So you (your enginer) will create a whole booking system ?

Absolutely not :slight_smile: crazy idea!

  1. vaguely understand most business requirements (known now, and likely in the future)
  2. find a SasS app that does it (ideally that can be embedded with parameters in the URL already - like PayHere)
  3. if that does not work, make sure you can get data out via a zap / integromat
  4. create a page on own own site that will incorporate their code…
  5. and make absolutely sure my own site allows Glide to include my own page as a webview :slight_smile:

Why make a system when you can spend a couple of hours poking about existing systems, then pick the one that works :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh that’s what I understood at the first reading. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one (if not all of them) to be Iframe frendly :slight_smile:

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What about Notion?

Take a look in test I made embeding my website.


Just summing that up in one word… proxy :wink: