Is there a way of doing a Web View with Glide Pages

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I would like to see if it is possible to embed an iFrame into Glide Pages.

Use case:
Embed a schedule created with Airtable as an iFrame within Glide Pages. Our schedules contain over 1000 rows of data which I would like to avoid using if possible.

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Since Glide does not allow webview at this time, I don’t think there’s any way else you can do this.

I think Web view for Pages it’s on staging call Custom.



Sweet! Can’t wait till this is on production. Thanks for sharing.

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Anyone from Glide able to give more insight into a timeline on this? The ability to use iFrames, custom components, and webviews in Pages would change my decision making on building my next version in apps vs. pages. @david

Wow nice find!

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Would love to get a timeline on this and if this is going to become a feature

@david can you shed any light on this? It would be outstanding to get this sooner rather than later!!

It would be great if someone from the Glide team could speak up about it. I look forward to this feature.

There’s been talk. @Ivo_Elbert knows we want it…hopefully it will happen this calendar year.


Hi Everyone,

Thought to update y’all ( Maybe someone didn’t aware of this :slightly_smiling_face: ) !

Web View for Glide Pages is available! :partying_face: See this topic created By Robert!

Thank you!

Happy Gliding and Have a great day!

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