Webview in GlidePages

Hi, there is a great working webview in the glideApp side of things, but what about in GlidePages. I figured all the same features/ buttons would be available on both sides. I’m building a page at www.assemblymap.com and I have a donate/giving page in the menu. On our old Squarespace page we could just iframe the link to our donation tool (Donorbox.org). Its cool that there is no iframe usage, but there isn’t even a webview page. I actually included this very donorbox.org webpage successfully using webview on the GlideApps side of things and it worked. I wish there was a webview button on GlidePages.

What to do??

Webview for Pages has been requested, and I think it’s in the pipeline, so it’s probably just a matter of time.

Pages is a relatively new Glide product, and it was initially released with a subset of app features (plus some unique features of its own). Some of the missing app features make sense for Pages, and some don’t. For the ones that do, I expect that most of them will be progressively added. So mostly, it’s just a matter of being patient :slight_smile: