Glide branding on Glide pages Pro

At the moment if branding was introduced it would be preceded with 2 seconds of a blank white screen followed by a white strip at the top of my screen and possibly a keyboard that doesn’t appear. I didn’t intend on airing out my bug concerns on this thread but I would imagine that Unity instills a much higher level of confidence in their platform regardless of phraseology.

I find it difficult to contribute anything meaningful to a branding discussion when in my opinion there are deeper concerns.

That being said Glide is amazing and has literally changed my life. I love Glide. And I would certainly love to keep running my business around the promises Glide made when I signed up for private pro apps.

Bugs are one thing, “promises” made by tech startups another, and Glide branding yet another.

Why not report it :slight_smile:

Companies change their products, pricing, conditions, etc. all the time. Glide has a bold mission. It builds, launches, tests, learns, adjusts, reiterates. It is normal for the team to adjust many things – possibly everything! – along the way. The Glide team is always very transparent about this.

Back to Glide branding
Let’s keep in mind that Glide does really good marketing – in the non sleazy sense – and their choice of terminology is not random. I totally understand why they chose “Made with Glide”: anyone who sees this might be nudged to look into what Glide is. It’s a strong marketing message that could appear on the launch of every app or page, how powerful. “Powered by Glide” does convey power under the hood, but the appeal to one’s curiosity of what Glide is might be weaker.

“Powered by Glide” might appeal to IT experts ; “Made with Glide” might appeal to builders/developers. And so far, Glide is for builders/developers :slight_smile:

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I think that Glide branding could work, from a marketing perspective, when displayed on an internal app, within a larger corporate environment. Even then I’m not so sure however, as often internal teams like to play their cards close to their chests in terms of what they provide to internal consumers and how they provide it.

For a smaller business, with an app / page that is used by their own clients, it feels (and seems based on my feedback) a definite no-go. They just don’t want it there and can’t see why we are unable to remove it.

I mentioned previously that I have two prospects in this situation. One is still hanging in there, but the other is now looking at Softr. That’s a good product but I still prefer Glide (pages) and I know it’ll give them a better outcome, but they don’t want the forced branding.

Very frustrating.


Tell them they should be proud to display they use Glide. Their brand would be associated to an outstanding no-code solution. Everyone hides they use the latest Dell, but nobody hides they used the latest Macbook Pro. Glide is the Apple of no-code, tell them that :wink:

I don’t think that a Wellness Clinic and Drug Rehab Centre really care. They have no idea what code is, let alone no-code. They want an app / page that reflects their brand. They don’t want their clients clicking and ending up on the Glide Page. It just doesn’t work in that type of scenario. Hence my frustration.


Glide Pages branding removal should be ready to test this week. I will ask our engineer in charge of the feature to connect with you to test it.


And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is why we love this product :blue_heart:


can we also test?

Aaaaand purchased

Thanks Glide!! :raised_hands:t5:

We are still working out some quirks – ‘Made with Glide’ badge still shows briefly when loading, for example.

We also want to include more features when you add whitelabeling to an app – custom sign-in with Google, custom branding in emails, etc. – it’s not just about removing a badge.


awesome. Please give me join to test it. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: love Glide

it’s coming :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m still waiting :frowning: :frowning:

Hi David, is there a formal way to be added to this group of testers? Cheers

Hello engineer team
I’m still waiting for. :kissing_heart:
Do you have any update?

Please, send us a ticket requesting to be added.

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Hello, sorry if I have missed any update, but is Glide Branding removal feature available?

By request only at the moment. Eventually, from what I hear, you’ll be able to remove branding yourself via a small upgrade fee.

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Thanks @Robert_Petitto as always