Glide branding on Glide pages Pro

Ambition is a formidable driver. I don’t believe putting the Glide logo on or taking it off will be a determining factor in reaching the billion developers goal.
In my opinion, Glide can only achieve this goal by offering an incredibly simple product without bugs and being able to explain why this product is simple.

The goal of 1 billion amounts to saying that Glide wants to become the leader of no-code and to get there Glide thinks, maybe he is right, that we can create a ripple effect so that all of us let’s adopt the “no-code” way of thinking, Glide style.
The target that will create the snowball effect, personally I do not see it in the forums yet. The forum is dominated by experts who help non-experts who will in turn become experts.

Certainly, the idea of ​​creating templates for those who want to use ready-made solutions is good, but it is not very effective given the number of templates offered.
I’d rather see free templates and have the person who created the template be the one who will be hired for the changes. There are too few templates and too few free templates, which could attract a lot of people.

Then, if the agencies don’t want a logo, how, in exchange for the Hidden Logo, could they help Glide achieve their billion users goal. An idea: to offer free templates, at the beginning simple enough so that they can always have a good head start and continue to progress by offering less easy templates.

The idea of white-labelling a product is not new and not isolated to Glide and each agency or person white-labelling have their reasons and they pay the asking price for that.

My question was around the thinking of putting Glide Pages on a Private Pro package, pay a minimum fee of $40 and still keep the branding while for mobile Apps there is no branding.
Keeping the brand there means you want it to be seen by as many people as possible but Private Pro limits that to only the users of that particular software, since it would be used internally. My thinking was that pages with this thinking of trying to get as many people to see the brand as possible would then be put on public Pro package and then still keep the brand, that way there is potential to be seen by thousands of users depending on the popularity of that page or software.

This for me was the inconsistency and I needed to understand the thinking behind it.
David has explained about wanting to promote the adoption and use of Glide within companies which again I questioned in line with Glide’s mission statement of creating a billion developers by 2030.


Yes, I understand everything you say and I partially agree, but on this:

my point of view is different because I think it that the value of a designer is not measured according to the tool he uses but is measured according to the quality of the content he has produced.


Sorry @david , I’m jumping back into this. I’ve been so excited for Pages but I didn’t think they’d include Glide branding. As much as we as an agency love Glide (and we do) and tell our clients about it (we do) we would still love the option to turn on / off the Made with Glide button.


I have a similar issue, but with our actual customers. We have shown two of them (who are using Glide apps already) some Pages prototypes and these have been well-received BUT they want the branding removed because the apps will be used by their own clients. They don’t understand why we can’t do that and so both potential projects are stalled while they look at other options! Nightmare!


I’m in the same boat - the project is supposed to go live mid-Feb, but I thought Glide Pages would operate the same way as Glide Apps with regard to the branding - now the client has put the project on hold until we can either get rid of the branding or we move it to somewhere else :see_no_evil:


:wave: 11 private pro apps here and growing. My business model is predicated on the fact that apps are white labeled. If I couldn’t remove glide branding from Glide apps, then it would have been a non starter. If branding is ever introduced to private pro Glide apps, I would be forced to leave.


This is important information for David and his team. Naturally, Glide only understands its user base and which segments bring in the sales.

Question Eric: do you think “Powered by Glide” would be easier to sell to your clients than “Made with Glide”? I ask because I found Jeff’s comment and “Powered by Unity” spot on: the change in wording feels simple enough and yet might have a strong impact among agencies and their clients?


At the moment if branding was introduced it would be preceded with 2 seconds of a blank white screen followed by a white strip at the top of my screen and possibly a keyboard that doesn’t appear. I didn’t intend on airing out my bug concerns on this thread but I would imagine that Unity instills a much higher level of confidence in their platform regardless of phraseology.

I find it difficult to contribute anything meaningful to a branding discussion when in my opinion there are deeper concerns.

That being said Glide is amazing and has literally changed my life. I love Glide. And I would certainly love to keep running my business around the promises Glide made when I signed up for private pro apps.

Bugs are one thing, “promises” made by tech startups another, and Glide branding yet another.

Why not report it :slight_smile:

Companies change their products, pricing, conditions, etc. all the time. Glide has a bold mission. It builds, launches, tests, learns, adjusts, reiterates. It is normal for the team to adjust many things – possibly everything! – along the way. The Glide team is always very transparent about this.

Back to Glide branding
Let’s keep in mind that Glide does really good marketing – in the non sleazy sense – and their choice of terminology is not random. I totally understand why they chose “Made with Glide”: anyone who sees this might be nudged to look into what Glide is. It’s a strong marketing message that could appear on the launch of every app or page, how powerful. “Powered by Glide” does convey power under the hood, but the appeal to one’s curiosity of what Glide is might be weaker.

“Powered by Glide” might appeal to IT experts ; “Made with Glide” might appeal to builders/developers. And so far, Glide is for builders/developers :slight_smile:

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I think that Glide branding could work, from a marketing perspective, when displayed on an internal app, within a larger corporate environment. Even then I’m not so sure however, as often internal teams like to play their cards close to their chests in terms of what they provide to internal consumers and how they provide it.

For a smaller business, with an app / page that is used by their own clients, it feels (and seems based on my feedback) a definite no-go. They just don’t want it there and can’t see why we are unable to remove it.

I mentioned previously that I have two prospects in this situation. One is still hanging in there, but the other is now looking at Softr. That’s a good product but I still prefer Glide (pages) and I know it’ll give them a better outcome, but they don’t want the forced branding.

Very frustrating.


Tell them they should be proud to display they use Glide. Their brand would be associated to an outstanding no-code solution. Everyone hides they use the latest Dell, but nobody hides they used the latest Macbook Pro. Glide is the Apple of no-code, tell them that :wink:

I don’t think that a Wellness Clinic and Drug Rehab Centre really care. They have no idea what code is, let alone no-code. They want an app / page that reflects their brand. They don’t want their clients clicking and ending up on the Glide Page. It just doesn’t work in that type of scenario. Hence my frustration.


Glide Pages branding removal should be ready to test this week. I will ask our engineer in charge of the feature to connect with you to test it.


And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is why we love this product :blue_heart:


can we also test?

Aaaaand purchased

Thanks Glide!! :raised_hands:t5:

We are still working out some quirks – ‘Made with Glide’ badge still shows briefly when loading, for example.

We also want to include more features when you add whitelabeling to an app – custom sign-in with Google, custom branding in emails, etc. – it’s not just about removing a badge.


awesome. Please give me join to test it. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: love Glide