Glide behaviour with patchy internet

I understand that Glide needs internet connection to work, but I just needed some clarification on what happens when the internet is patchy.

I had this situation today where a user input some data via the app, and it showed on the spreadsheet, but did not reflect on her app. Other users could see the record with the correct values on their apps, but not her.

I was thinking it could probably be due to an internet connection drop that prevented Glide and the spreadsheet from syncing (maybe it got to the spreadsheet, and then she changed the values again on her “offline” app).

I would like to understand a little bit about the behavior of Glide with a patchy internet connection. What happens when a user inputs some data while the connection dropped, and then closed the app immediately? I tested by switching off my internet connection and using the app - the app “appears” to work just fine, I can choose values from the choice components, edit notes etc., but obviously there is no internet so it wouldn’t be updating to the spreadsheet.

How should I handle this situation? What do I advise my users? It’s not that there is no internet, but the situation is a little patchy. There are frequent drops and then it comes back again.

If I tell my users to make sure that they are connected to the internet before they update the last record and sign off for the day, will that be enough? What happens to the records which they may have previously updated when the connection was down?

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