Glide basic questions

Hi everyone, I have several questions about Glide and I hope someone could help me…

  • How can I limit the amount of connections of 1 client? for example If I sell an app build with glide but I don’t want that more than 2 users use the app at the same time, how can I limit the use up to 2 connections simultaneously

  • Is there any way to limit row add?. For example if my app in “basic” level just allow up to 100 rows of data, but in the “pro” versión allows up to 5000

Out of curiosity, what is the reason that you would want to limit your app to only 2 users at a time? Apps work in a semi-disconnected state from the server, so there really isn’t a way to know how many active connections there are at any one time. If you can explain your use case then maybe we can explain a better way to do something so you don’t need to worry about the number of active users.

For limiting the number of rows, you could probably use a rollup column in a user profile table to count the number of rows, and then use that to hide any functionality that would be used to add rows.


Thanks jeff, the reason is because I have already an ERP software which licence system is based on user connections. For example if my client wants 1 license for 1 user his payment will be $ X but if the same client wants 5 licences for 5 users his payment will be $ XXX
All that is for cost optimization (for me and for my clients)

I don’t know if you can get exactly what you want, but you could control the number of users by making your app private and then only whitelisting users individually by adding them to a whitelist table…but, that will not stop someone from using the same email to sign in multiple times. I suppose it may be possible to extract a user’s user agent and local IP, and then write that to a table somewhere to track if they are using multiple devices, but I’m not sure if that would be more trouble than it’s worth, or 100% foolproof.

I suppose I could change the licence system for a glide-made app instead of “pay for every connection hook” should be “pay for user”, but that will bring some issues like several users using the same username… is there when the “row limitation” has to enter in action.


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