Glide apps on Google Search - problematic statement

Describe the bug:
Damaging messaging on Google searches

It’s one thing to not be able enhance SEO from our Glide apps, but having this kind of statement when it DOES pop up actually hinders any effort I’ve made to improve my app searchability.

What layperson would click on this? I wouldn’t, I’d assume it’s broken.

Expected behavior:
Having no subtitle, or some general statement, or even repeating the URL name…anything except “you can’t run this app. retry”

How to replicate:
Type “ververy” in google search bar


Hi Katelyn,
One of the solutions would be to create a marketing landing page for the app and host the app on a sub-domain.
That way you can better control the SEO for your app.

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Hi Sardamit, thanks for your reply. I don’t think that solution will work for me, as I have branded short links within my app that require me to add a subdomain in order to create them, I don’t believe I can add a subdomain to a subdomain

Whats an example of one of your branded short links?

Short links are usually just another domain/random or domain/custom ie Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos or You them choose which deep link to point those to.

So what you could do is

Https:// ← My Landing Page
Https:// <— Glide App
Https:// ← Points to a Deep link inside your Glide App

I personally use Rebrandly with a custom domain for all my Short Links (works with Zapier), Dorik for my Landing Page and a Subdomain for my Glide App.

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I currently use

Glide app: links:

So the links your using are branded to bitly? Is that the free version?

I have so much attached to this domain already and automations set up. I’d lose all of my Google Analytics data…

Could you try: ← Landing Website ← Glide App ← Short link

I personally do this: ← Landing Page ← Glide App ← Rebrandly Short Links
( goes to another Glide App)

I have just recently added my Landing Page to Google Search. The goal is for businesses to find my .Biz Subdomain and then access my Glide App through the Landing Page.

Not sure about redoing Google Analytics as I remember seeing a prior post of yours getting a lot of data. I just have my Tracking ID attached.

Curious, I clicked around on your site.

Did you build your app on pages? When I clicked over to your Glide app from your landing page, it did not look like mine. When you click over to my app, it autogenerates a phone view where yours looked like another page on your website.

Also, can brand new users see your shared pages from a short link when you have a mandatory log in? I made my app public so that the shared links would work for people who had never been to the app before.

Lastly, since your actual app is at a different domain than your short link, could someone navigate from the page you shared to the rest of your app?

I currently have all of my SEO efforts brought to my .com instead of my .app, but my .app still shows up in Google searches (which was my main complaint that it looks bad when it shows up in the searches). This is definitely an interesting alternative with its own benefits that I’ve considered, but the amount of time I would have to invest into switching everything over to a new domain is also :melting_face:

Yes, both the and are on Glide Pages.

Deep links shared on a signin only App should work, but only after you sign in.

The App Subdomain is signin only, but I do not share deeplinks from that one. However, the other one is public and deep links are shared from that.

Hopefully with your SEO efforts, only your landing page shows at the top of results and your Glide App does not.