Glide app with Sheets and IFTTT

I have a google sheets setup that downloads data from my fitbit and performs various actions using IFTTT. It is quite manual (three different sheets need to be opened for the IFTTT formula to run successfully. Could this kind of setup be bundled and packaged with Glide?

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Possibly. Without more info we couldn’t say for sure. When you say it is a manual process, I’m not sure why or what you mean.

The downloading of data from the fitbit part would not be possible directly with Glide or Google Sheets but if a 3rd party app (like IFTTT) can save the data to a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet most likely can preform any calculation you desire.


Is there any documentation of ifttt integration with Glide apps?

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I am not aware of any documentation with regards to IFTTT

There is some reading you can do on their own website


So the data you integrate and add to google sheets via IFTTT could then be used to feed into a glide app.

Simple example

Twitter - IFTTT - google sheet - glide app

If you need to learn more about glide here is a link to the documentation

Please ask if you need any help.


Hey @Rosewebstudio,
Thank you for the IFTTT info, but did not exactly find what I was looking for.

May be you can help with the explanation below:

  1. I am taking text as input from a user. The text gets stored in Google Sheet.
  2. Now I want to use this text and make an external API call (something like reddit / wiki) to retrieve additional data and info.
  3. This data gets stored in another field of the sheet.

I was thinking of doing step2 above using IFTTT. Is it possible? Any recommendations would be of immense help.

Thank you!

@Roger great question. I have not explored the abilities you raise in point 2 so cannot really comment.

Using IFTTT to do what you want is probably out of the scope of this forum, perhaps better posted somewhere like this? or somewhere similar

An expert on IFTTT can advise whether your proposal is achievable.

Perhaps it’s also worth exploring something like zapier or integromat rather than IFTTT? These offer some great automation for google sheets, integromat especially.

Sounds like an interesting project though…

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Thank you for your response. I think i’ll go with integromat. It has the capability to do exactly what I want.

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@Roger Excellent, perhaps once you have worked it through you could show off your app to us…

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Just curious, can you specify what sort of data and info can you extract from API calls?

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Typically, these APIs return JSON data. Therefore, it’ll need bit of post processing to get what I want.
Not sure if I answered your question.

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Oh so from the input text you will use that as an input to IFTTT to extract things like definition etc.?

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That’s what I was thinking, but looks like the integration with IFTTT doesn’t exist.

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Not sure if it helps but probably you can try looking at IMPORTXML or IMPORTHTML to look for the info you need, if you want alternatives for Integromat, for example.

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Great, thanks. What are these? Can I use it to make an API call?

It is used to scrape data from specific URLs. If your API returns JSON then you can also use IMPORTJSON.

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Great, Thank you! But how do I make an HTTP request from Glide?

Probably you can do it with scripts, if you can be more specific about what you are trying to get back then we can give better solutions for you.

With reference to

in step 2, as an example I’d like to execute the below API:

the value of “titles” to be taken from a cell in google sheet.

in step 3:
parse json data and update google sheet.

The JSON response looks like:

{"batchcomplete":"","query":{"pages":{"26929":{"pageid":26929,"ns":0,"title":"Spanish","extract":"Spanish may refer to:\n\nItems from or related to Spain:\nSpaniards, a nation and ethnic group indigenous to Spain\nSpanish language\nSpanish cuisine"}}}}

Which specific parts of the JSON string do you want to extract? Just the extract?

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just extract.