Glide app that does calculations for multiple users

You sum rows using a rollup column.

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apologies, how would you sum columns

The rollup column does exactly that, it sums the column.

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@ThinhDinh @AyS_0908 @Darren_Murphy
I have thought about the problem and want to know if the following is possible?

  1. Force users to use emails to use the app (thus having a way to get a user specific id)
  2. Have glide push down a specific users scores to the google sheet (maybe a column for each users’ scores)
  3. Use lookups/array formulas in google sheets to do user specific calculations
  4. Return user specific results to the app interface

What you describe there can be done, and should work. However, I would encourage you to persist with keeping the calculations within Glide, as it will make for a much better user experience. From what I’ve seen in the videos that you’ve shared, I believe it’s perfectly doable, but it probably involves using a few Glide techniques that you might not be familiar with (yet). I don’t have time now to go into specific details, but somebody else might chip in.