Glide API Error 400

Can anyone tell me what the issue is here because I can’t figure it out.

Keep getting Error 400 and everything looks correct.

This is the payload that gets sent:

{headers={Content-Type=application/json, Authorization=Bearer XXXXXXXXXXXX}, method=post, payload={“data-raw”:{“appID”:“ULR8zkOCPZz4EAB7NCtO”,“mutations”:[{“kind”:“set-columns-in-row”,“tableName”:“native-table-vZSp0owJL5o6dRL3kZdz”,“columnValues”:{“JSON_Data”:“test”},“rowID”:“3x4wd3iKTcCiFFsJWvnmfQ”}]}}}

Get rid of data-raw. Your payload (body) should look like this:

	"appID": "ULR8zkOCPZz4EAB7NCtO",
	"mutations": [{
		"kind": "set-columns-in-row",
		"tableName": "native-table-vZSp0owJL5o6dRL3kZdz",
		"columnValues": {
			"JSON_Data": "test"
		"rowID": "3x4wd3iKTcCiFFsJWvnmfQ"
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Thanks Darren - works now.

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