"Bad Request" when calling Glide API from Glide

I’ve been struggling with this for the better part of an hour… Calling the Glide API through Call API action results in a read announcement saying “Bad Request”.

"appID": "qoR9ALCMHBytO33HdT7L",
 "mutations": [
   "kind": "set-columns-in-row",
      "tableName": "native-table-iiyWXcuuRzHELgxjeIVC",
      "columnValues": {
   "2TRzk": "false"
   "rowlD": "eTBVrcd7R86tdLB6uozzlA"

What am I missing?


You wrote “rowlD” (lowercase L) instead of rowID (uppercase I).

Oh my. I copied the text from an image and I guess the OCR got it wrong. Thank you!

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