Glide 101: User Profiles

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

By request, I wanted to take a step back and demonstrate some of the considerations when setting up Users in your app.


  1. The User Table
  2. User Profile Designation
  3. User Privacy and Authentication
  4. User Onboarding
  5. Tab Visibility based on User Conditions

Cheers Bob, will be a great resource to point to.

@Desley - I’m pretty sure this video was made for you :wink:


Thank so very much.
I was under the impression that the Users table was fixed as the Glide users table.
I set a Google sheet from an external source as the ‘allow users in this table’ to log in, but when they did, it created a new private user in the Glide default User table. This video has solved an issue I needed a work around for. :+1::tada:

Because these users don’t require a roll, I can now create a filtered user ‘whitelist’ table to ensure we don’t exceed the public users limit. Really good but hopefully Team Glide are happy to leave as is :wink:

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That doesn’t sound right. If you are using a whitelist table to restrict who can sign in to your App, then all signed in users will be counted as Private.

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Dang… Yep, you’re right.
It’s back to the old drawing board.

Still a great video as usual Robert.

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