Get Webpage Source (Service Unavailable)

Hi all, has anyone else run into this issue?
I am using the Get Webpage Source column and it will only work sometimes on random columns. If I paste the URL that I am trying to get the source code from in my browser it loads fine.

The only error I am getting is the: Service Unavailable
I’m currently on the business plan and have plenty of updates available. Thanks in advance.

That’s weird. I don’t know if fetching too many rows at once cause a problem, but you’d expect it not to be a thing.

If it persists, please submit a ticket.

Yeah it’s really sporadic. I can reload the page or edit the search filters and it will sometimes work, sometimes not. I’ll report the bug right now, I haven’t messed with it for the last 12 hours and it’s still doing the same thing.

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It seems you are fetching the same URL ( in all your rows. Yelp may be attempting to throttle down too many requests from the same IP address as a counter-measure to web-scrapping.


That was my initial thought too. I’m not totally sure, I reported it as a bug and have been in contact with the Glide team. Will update you all soon!

Also, super random but I had purchased one of your courses a while back on using Glide! I feel honored to have your input on my glide issues :sweat_smile:


My pleasure. Thanks for getting my course!

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