Get the name of the chosen collection

Hello, everyone! I need a suggestion.

Currently, I’m trying to make a form specified by the chosen collection. If I choose the Collection, it will only show the form for that collection.

Otherwise, is there any chance to get the name of the chosen collection? So, I could classify the form by using that value. Example: I choose “Money” from the collection, then I could get the name of the collection (Money).

Detailed flow:

  1. Choose from collections
  2. Show Form
  3. Only show container that have the same name as the chosen collection

Use a custom action and set the conditional.

When you say “choose from collections”, do you mean you choose an item from a collection?


Have you tried custom actions?
Or you can directly use “show form screen” and set all the visibility of your components to the user’s preferred value (“Money” from your example)

Currently, I am trying to solve this case by inserting the value (name) of the chosen item as the default value in a text entry component. After that, I made the visibility condition to classify the container by the default value and to make the text entry component that has the name of the chosen item disappear.

To make it easier, you should use a custom action. Your value needs to be written to the user table in the usc column. This way, you can set visibility by pulling data from this column to manage the visibility of your component.


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