Get information from a image to my Google sheet

Hi Everyone.

I want to get the information when a user upload a image to my Google sheet. How do I do this ? Is this possible with Glide?

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How is the image being added, and what information do you want?
Is this Google Sheet connected to your Glide App?

No @Darren_Murphy . Like the user uploads a bill and the information of that bill.

You mean a photograph or scan of a bill?

For that you’d need to integrate with an OCR service. Something like Google Cloud Vision.

I’ve done this before by using Integromat to retrieve the image and pass it through an OCR service, then write the results back into a spreadsheet. So yes, it’s possible.

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@Darren_Murphy a image of a bill.


Do you want to know the picture’s EXIF data to validate if it is real or fake?

Hmm. Yeah like that too and I want to update my sheet with that details in the image.

Check for the EXIF info, really cool and easy setup


Ok thanks @PabloMFalero

you can trigger a script to email you a notification, when someone do anything in glide

Thanks for your information @Uzo

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