Can't add user picture - is possible when drawing from excel?


  1. the app displays information which updates daily.
  2. the information is originally stored on excel on Dropbox.

current problem faced:

  1. can’t add a user picture.
  2. because the original info is in excel,
  3. when adding picture to excel → sheetgo doesn’t transfer it.
  4. when adding picture to sheets → updating the pages through glide\ sheetgo deletes the picture.

past problem faced:

  • Glide cannot work directly with dropbox nor with Excel


  • use sheetgo to convert it to “google sheets” on Drive.

Are you trying to embed the image directly into the Excel sheet? Glide works with images as urls. So the image still needs to be stored somewhere outside of the database, such as Glide’s storage, or any other third party storage solution with the image accessible through a publicly accessible url. It’s the url for the image that should be in your database, not the image itself. It seems like your are trying to make the image part of the worksheet itself, which could be that sheetgo won’t deal with that.

Also be aware that glide does have Excel integration in their staging environment, however, I don’t know when that might make it to the production builder. At least it’s in the works.

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ok thanks.
so how do i store images outside of the database?

Well, that depends. Typically, when you are adding rows through the app, you can use an image picker. The image picker will upload the image to Glide’s storage, and then write the url for the image into the table/sheet. If you add images through the glide data editor, then it works the same way by uploading to Glide’s storage and writing the url to the table.

However, it seems that you are maintaining a separate Excel sheet outside of the app. If all of the data is being written to the Excel sheet outside of glide, then it’s up to you to find a third party storage. You could upload images to Dropbox or Google drive, and then obtain the public url to place into you excel sheet. You could also upload images through the app, obtain the image url, and then update your Excel sheet with that url.

I think the important issue here is that you don’t store images in the sheet, you instead store the location of that image… wherever you choose to store it.


If you store your Excel file in OneDrive, we will support it soon.

It’s safe to say we will never support syncing an Excel file stored in Dropbox.


right on.
so I uploaded the pictures to Drive, made them puclic and pasted the link in the Excel.


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when you put this way… :wink:

so what choices do I have?

As much as I’m reluctant to move the Excel to Drive, how can I still use it (Excel) from its new location in Drive?