🆕 Get 50% of their first payment when someone copies your template

Hello, community!

We’ve added a feature to our template store that attaches our new affiliate links to your templates. If someone copies your template, you will earn 50% of that customer’s first purchase at Glide.

For example, when someone copies this free Client Portal template by @darren, Darren’s affiliate link is automatically attached, and Darren will earn 50% of that customer’s first purchase at Glide (just like our normal affiliate links).

We’re looking to add our first Pages templates to the gallery, so this is a huge opportunity for anyone interested in joining our affiliate program and partnering with us to attract new businesses to Glide.

How to Participate

  1. Get your affiliate link: https://www.glideapps.com/business/affiliates
  2. Build a Glide Page template. This doesn’t have to be a complex web app. In fact, we think simple Pages are best for now. Just make a form for visitors of an office, or a simple inventory app, or a business directory. Keep it simple.
  3. Submit the template for approval.
  4. Post on this thread when you’ve submitted a template, telling us its name and your affiliate link, and we will publish it in the new gallery.
  5. Once your template page is live, share it! When people click to copy your template, you will get the affiliate referral. If they upgrade, you will start earning.

What to build

Here are the top searches without results just from today. You should build a template that someone searching for these terms would desire:

  • procurement
  • ecommerce
  • temps
  • coffee
  • pharmacy
  • booking
  • clinic
  • construction
  • counseling
  • crowd funding
  • donation


Holiday Pages! Secret Santa, Donations, etc.


What if someone copies multiple templates from different affiliates? Who gets the credit?

For now, the final affiliate before the customer upgrades gets the credit. We will double-check this behavior and make adjustments if we think there’s a fairer way to decide, but for now, that’s how it works.



Someone searched for coffee. Maybe they just want coffee?

It is just the data for today, so it’s not super solid but it’s a good starting point.


Haha interesting! I’ll see what I can do!


Here’s my first submission for this program!

Affiliate Link: Glide – Create apps & websites without code.

Template Name: Staffing Assignments


@david Awesome! Can affiliate links be attached to a paid template too or only free templates?

Also, it appears from your screenshot that @darren’s template has my Room Reservation template’s icon?

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Not yet, only free ones for now.

Yes, we have to create a custom icon for each one. We will soon have a generic one.


@david My template was approved a few hours ago, but the app’s preview image is blank.

Is that a bug?

This is my affiliate link → Glide – Create apps & websites without code.

Not related to the preview image, but affiliate links won’t work with a paid template (for now).

Template Name: Landing Page
Affiliate Link: Glide – Create apps & websites without code.


Is this only for Pages or for apps as well?

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There are more manual steps for us to publish as a Page template. We’ll do it soon.

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@grumo affiliate links for templates are only available for Free templates to start.

@Robert_Petitto only Pages for now.

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Thanks @david

Template Name: Opt-in Page
Affiliate Link: Glide – Create apps & websites without code.

Exactly my question. I love Pages, but remain an Apps man too :wink:

Hi @david

I would like to contribute creating some page templates in Spanish (600 millions humans use as native language plus a lot more as second) I’m sure there are lot of user that would be interested on, and maybe we can convince new users to start with Glide.

Most part of the interface is customizable when based in database column names or entries, but there are some of the components or options that are not. Like the ones below as example.

Captura de pantalla 2021-12-15 a las 14.36.14

Captura de pantalla 2021-12-15 a las 14.35.23

Captura de pantalla 2021-12-15 a las 14.35.06

It would be nice to be able to personalize every single interface component, messages, etc so Glide become a true international tool and be ready to grow to the billion users…

Is this in your roadmap?

Thanks and congratulations. Glide is getting better and better …


Here’s another template!

Template name: Community Donations

Affiliate Link: Glide – Create apps & websites without code.

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Another Pages template!

Template name: Task Manager

Affiliate Link: Glide – Create apps & websites without code.

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