Any Guidelines of Page Template Submission?

Hi Gliders,

Any guidelines in detail for submitting page template? I’d like to submit my first Glide page template. But, there’s some questions of mine:

  • Can use my modified pictures (like attached homepage’s image)?
  • In relation to such design theme, can I show YT video like glide app?
  • How long such recording video? Is it a tutorial video for users/editors?
  • Do I have to submit a free page template or possible to a paid template?
  • If a paid template submission, is it possible to inform my affiliate link to others?

Sorry for a lot of basic questions above :blush:. Thank you all in advance!

Here are the general guidelines.

Avoid private or personally identifiable data/photos (use fake names, Unsplash images, etc).

So as long as you don’t use identifiable photos it should be ok I guess.

As long as it does not “contain offensive, profane, obscene, libelous, or otherwise illegal content”, or “contain any malicious or deceptive content” I think it’s ok.

It will be “a video that demonstrates template features and explains its purpose. Must include someone explaining the template with their voice—merely showing your template and wiggling your cursor over it is not enough.”

Generally I think people keep it around 1-2 minutes.

It can be a paid template.

Do you mean your Glide affiliate link?


Thank you @ThinhDinh. Yes, Glide affiliate link of mine.

Seems like you found the right thread to comment for the affiliate link. Hope you find more interesting use case with Glide soon!

Thanks again! I submitted as a free page template due to Indonesia is not on the Stripe’s country list. I have no idea why such thing happens

@SantiagoPerez do we have any solutions for countries where Stripe is not supported?

Unfortunately, we only use stripe. The recommendation is to find someone who can make the payment for them.

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I’ve contacted Stripe’s desk center and no certain time for the listing status. She recommended to create a startup company in Delaware. However, it’s not necessary for me right now.

Actually, I have a PayPal account for online transactions of mine. As I’m using it on Integromat’s affiliate program. I hope Glide can accept such an account type in future.

Anyway, thank you for your response @SantiagoPerez

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