Geolocation stopped working and defaulting to wrong tab

My app’s URL:

Loved the now free geolocation option for users but it’s no longer showing a position as of today.

Also, does the opening screen default to the first tab or is there a way to choose the initial view a user gets?

Many thanks.

We think there’s a bug and are looking into it. Thank you for reporting.

The first tab is always the default tab once the app is loaded into memory. If you want a different tab to load first, you need to change the order of your tabs.

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Thanks for that, and for always getting into these things speedily. There is another issue with the map I should mention. At the top of the screen, there’s an i button. This opens an ‘improve this map’ option, which takes you to a mapbox page that looks to the user that it may work for the current map they’re looking at. It isn’t related, however, to the map I’ve created. It’s very confusing for people and I just have to hope that they don’t spot the little i button at all…

We cannot remove the i button unfortunately. It is a license requirement.

That’s quite an issue for anyone using the maps in a big way. Any guidance on how to get around the potential problems with users misunderstanding?

I’d do my best to treat it as a feature. It lets users report inaccurate addresses. Lean in. We can’t remove it or hide it or otherwise make it illegible without violating mapbox terms of service…

I wonder if MapBox would let you make make the “i” link action a little more explicit?
possibly adding a “you are leaving this app and going to Mapbox” popup with user confirmation?

and where do I find geolocation info?

This is all that’s offered as far as geolocation: