General Project / Date / Task Thoughts & Reluctance

Feature request(s) … kinda

I recently find myself reluctant to engage with customers who have a requirement for dates, scheduling and tasks within their apps. This is a real shame as I think Glide could be ideally suited to handling these sorts of requirements. I wanted to throw together a list of things that I think we’re missing in order to handle these types of opportunities properly:

  • The ability to reset a date component to reflect “no date”
  • The ability to add / subtract days from a date (to work with an increment action)
  • The ability to add colour to text (to show overdue / urgent)
  • The ability to format dates consistently and correctly throughout the app
  • The ability to add an indicator to a tab icon (e.g. a red dot to show something needs attention)

I know there will also be lots of demand for more advanced topics like scheduling, notifications and time math, however the above seem reasonably basic and I believe their inclusion would enable some very cool new apps and therefore get more users.

There are an awful lot of requests for these sorts of things scattered throughout the community and I wonder if they perhaps belong together in a sort of “Dates and Tasks Phase 1” Glide release?

All input welcomed :slight_smile:


Could not agree more with every single thing on your list!


We agree — Glide has a weak story around dates, calendars, and scheduling. We are going to prioritize this.


More coming later today.